Boundary Meditation – Dealing with Angry People

It is amazing how quickly being around an angry person can make me angry. When I see an angry person headed my way I have to take a deep breath and remind myself to be objective. I don’t have to react with anger just because they are angry.

I try to imagine their words are like a present hidden in garbage. By listening objectively I can unwrap the useful information and discard the garbage 😉

This helps me be more objective so I can recognize the useful information hiding in what they are saying. For example if a friend tells me “You know what drives me nuts about you?” I know it is time to take a deep breath and listen calmly.

Afterwards I find a quiet place do a visualization meditation. Here is one  I find useful for helping me release emotions I have taken on from other people –

Sit down, close your eyes put your feet flat on the ground and your hands open in your lap. Take a couple of nice deep breaths and …

Imagine a column of pure clean energy runs from your tailbone to the top our your head. This is your own energy, pure clean and unadulterated. Spend a moment to enjoy the this quiet space, release thoughts as they come up.

Now imagine light is radiating outward from this column of energy, filling up your whole body and then the space around you (to about a 18″ outside of your body). Sense tension dropping away from you as you fill up this space with your own light.

Spend as long as you need to, sensing your energy filling you and surrounding you, releasing negative emotions, and any thoughts that come up.

As you fill yourself up with your own energy notice yourself becoming calmer as everything else drops away. Your own energy becomes so bright there is no room for other people’s emotions.

Once you have practiced this a few times it will become easier to release emotions you have taken on from other people.

This is just one meditation for handling angry people. It is a topic that I am sure to come back to again.

To your Health!

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