Mindfulness Can Be Child’s Play

 We all know that mindfulness is a great practice for parents, but what about for our children? Mindfulness allows us to be present in the moment and improve our physical and mental health in everyday life. For children, in particular, mindfulness can help with cognitive focus as well as their […]

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Stay Calm During Summer Vacation

It’s the school holidays and the children are impatient for the day ahead. The dog needs walking, the groceries need doing, your youngest is crying after an unsettled night, and your other little one is screaming for ice cream for breakfast. Just how do you stay calm during summer vacation […]

Mother’s Day Gratitude

Benefits of Being Grateful – Mother’s Day Gratitude On Sunday, May 8th we celebrate mothers around the world. Mothers who have raised countless sons, daughters, step-daughters and step-sons, and sometimes even grandchildren. We will celebrate their strength, courage, and resilience in tackling what is one of the hardest “jobs” in […]

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Loving Family Expectation Free

How to Love Free From Expectations Family…we’ve all got one, and there is a good chance they drive you a bit crazy now and then. So what can you do in those moments when you’ve been dragged into the middle of yet another argument between two family members? Or have been […]

Unplug at Christmas – Enjoy the People Around You

We’re all so plugged in these days. Everywhere you look someone is on a phone, on a tablet, or sitting in front of a computer screen. Technology has replaced face to face communication in almost every way imaginable. It’s even gone as far as replacing the quality time that we […]

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Meditation with children

We have covered some of the basics of meditation with children (mindfulness meditation for small children). Here are a few more points. Have Realistic Expectations With small children naturally occurring mindfulness moments can happen at the most wonderful AND the most inconvenient times. You may be in a hurry to get somewhere, […]

Peaceful Father’s Day

Do you have fond memories of father’s day past? Yes or no – I have suggestions to help you make this one coming up a peaceful Father’s Day. Not everyone (including me) has had the best relationship possible with their father. The fact that mine has been gone from my […]

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Mindfulness meditation for small children

    Teaching children meditation is unbelievably beneficial. A child who is easily frustrated can be taught to calm themselves down; a child who is very sensitive can learn to let go of hurt feelings; or a child who gets so overtired they just can’t sleep can be taught techniques to help put themselves to sleep. Mindfulness meditation […]