Pain Relief Meditation

When you’re in pain sometimes your first reaction is to reach for a Tylenol or the ice pack as quick fix. Did you know though, that meditation can also be an effective treatment for pain? Not only does meditation double as a natural muscle relaxant, it can also completely change the way you perceive pain.

Unlike traditional medicines which often only address the pain, pain relief meditation also addresses the physiological and psychological aspects of the pain. For example, when a person is upset or agitated their nervous system becomes heightened which aggravates pain. Traditional medicine only treats the pain, not the stressor. Pain relief meditation, on the other hand, relaxes the sympathetic nerves (the stressor), resulting in decreased stress and pain.

Recent studies have also shown that meditation can directly alter the way the brain processes pain. Pain relief meditation teaches the brain how to react to pain and that it doesn’t always require a strong emotional reaction. In other words, pain relief meditation lessens the automatic “Ouch!” response. This can be life changing for those suffering from chronic illnesses as it can give them a way to take hold of their life, and body, again.

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