Centering calming and quieting your mind

Woman doing a quiet centering meditation Centering is the process of focusing inward, allowing your mind to become calm.

Personally I can tell when I am centered because my mind becomes quiet and my anxiety level goes down. As my mind gets quiet I become more aware of my surroundings and my instincts become more active. That is MY experience, how it feels for you may differ.

As you learn to rely on all your senses rather than just your mind, you may find decision making comes more quickly. I think this is because you are gathering more information from your surroundings and allowing your instincts to surface.

Centering makes it easier to be objective about what’s going on around you. You may become less likely to get tangled up in other people’s drama and emotions because you are calm. This calmness helps you to more easily see all sides of an argument or situation.

Start with this relaxation. The more you practice this relaxation sequence the easier it will be to remember and you will find you can drop into a relaxed state more quickly and with more ease. Eventually you may find you can drop into the relaxed state by just taking a few seconds to remember how relaxed your mind and body felt after doing the relaxation 🙂

You may want to record yourself saying the centering meditation below so you can listen to it and just follow along to your own voice the first few times.

Please change the wording to whatever feels most right for you. The idea is to personalize this and make it yours (as with most of the meditations on this site and elsewhere!)


Bring your attention to the middle of your head.

Imagine there is a pure clean light at the center of your head.

This light is a place where you can find your own intuition.

There is only you here. You can still hear noises around you, but this place is yours and yours alone.

You are safe here.

This is a refuge where you can go to get away from stress.

You are still aware of where you are and the outside world but they don’t matter right now.

Here you feel a profound sense of peace and quiet and a sense of wholeness and vibrant health.

Allow yourself to inhabit that light. Feel and KNOW this light is you, the pure clean and unadulterated essence of you.

There is only you here and you are enough, repeat to yourself I AM enough.

Take a few minutes to allow yourself to feel, sense and know this spot and to relax in the quiet, releasing any thoughts that come up.

Know you can come back here any time by relaxing your body, releasing your thoughts and bringing your attention to the center of you mind.

Allow yourself to really see in your mind, feel and BE the quiet pure clean energy that is you.

When you leave this meditation you will bring with you a memory of what it felt like.

That memory will make it easier for you to come back to that center whenever you want. By paying attention to it and remembering it you can come back to it more quickly the next time.

When you are ready, stretch any part of you that needs to be stretched and slowly open your eyes.

Take a few seconds to adjust back to being fully awake.

To your vibrant health!

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