Meditation for loneliness

three candles burningHave you ever had a family or holiday celebration that made you feel lonely? I certainly remember a few of those.  Today I give you a meditation to take an edge off the loneliness. The focus is to get more in touch with your own energy and power.

Before you begin, see if you can find a candle or two, they will be a part of the meditation.

Meditation of Light to Relieve Loneliness

  • Find a quiet spot, light the candle(s) and get comfortable.
  • Sit quietly watching the candle burn for 2 – 3 minutes. Take time to notice –
    • The light from the candle, even if it is sunny outside it will still be brighter than the surrounding area. Notice everything you can about the light, for example does it flicker, or burn bright, does it leave reflections or shadows, and so on.
    • Notice if the candle has an aroma.
    • Sense the warmth from the candle.

(Focusing on the candle draws your attention away from emotions and allows room for you to expand into a different focus.)

  • Close your eyes, and see the candle in your imagination.
  • Now it is time to relax deeper into the meditation. With your eyes closed –
    • Imagine the warmth of the candle is beginning to make you FEEL warmer. The warmth is making you feel more relaxed.
    • Take a slow deep breath, and imagine you are breathing in clean pure light from the candle. Sense how the light (air) you are breathing  makes you feel. Does it make you feel lighter and brighter, or maybe calmer more content? I find I feel different sensations at different times.
    • Take several more deep breaths imagining that your breath is warming and relaxing you from the inside out. Continue breathing in this warm comforting relaxation for 2-5 minutes.
    • Now bring your imagination to yourself –
      • Imagine there is a line of light that runs through your body from the top of your head to a little bit in front of your tailbone.
      • Know that this light is your own pure essential energy. It is pure, clean and bright.
      • Bring your attention to the centre of your head just behind your eyes. Here is a place where you can find fleeting moments of absolute quiet where there are no words, just you being you with all your senses alive.
      • Stay here for a couple of minutes. Every time a thought comes up just let it happen and go back to the quietness without following the thought. (I find that the part of my brain that uses language is rather overactive so I have to keep bringing my attention back to the quietness over and over)
    • Now imagine that the brightness from that line of energy is expanding to fill  your whole body.
      • Sense a feeling of wholeness, of completeness as your own energy fills you. Continue breathing slowly and deeply as you do this.
      • Stay here as long as you need, sensing your pure energy filling and warming you from the inside out.
      • As you stay with this sensation KNOW that you are enough, FEEL that you are enough. You ARE enough. (focusing on your own energy and filling yourself with it makes it easier to release any wants, needs or feelings of lack)
    • Once you feel saturated, filled with your own energy (a minute or two may be enough, or you may want to stay with this for as much as 10 – 15 minutes) slowly open your eyes and take a few moments to linger in the enjoyment of the sensation of wholeness and completeness.

Know that you can come back to this feeling of wholeness at any time.

Leave a comment below if you find this useful, or if you would like to share with us any meditations or visualizations you have used to bring yourself a feeling of completion.

To your health and happiness!

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