Meditation with other people

Yesterday I spent some wonderful time in meditation with 2 other people. This has prompted me to include a new section about group meditation.

I find that spending time in meditation with other people can be a very enjoyable experience.

  • Being with other people who are participating with me in something I love enhances my feeling of connectedness. (I wonder if this is why so many people are drawn towards religion in general; most religions I am familiar with have an element of community.)
  • Having a few minutes after the meditation session to discuss what came up for us (for people who WANT to share. Forced sharing seems counter productive) can be enlightening.
  • For people who have trouble “finding the time” to meditate it can be very useful to have a specific time and place to meet. It adds a social element and incentive to practice.

How do you find people to meditate with?

  • Your community may have night classes held  in Secondary or Post-Secondary schools. You could check with your local school board to find what is available in your area.
  • Some Churches offer meditation sessions, either as a separate group activity or as a part of the Church service. This may mean becoming involved with another church in addition to your regular one.
  • There are a lot of groups to be found on various social media sites. You could try checking out, or as a starting point.

Personally, my first choice would be seeing if my local School Board offers meditation classes. My assumption is that the instructor would have gone through at least a basic screening process in order to be accepted as an instructor.

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