Ritual for release

Meditation and Ritual for Release


Burning paper ritualIn preparing a very private meditation I’ve decided to make it’s impact stronger and longer lasting by performing a ritual to go along with the meditation. For me it is going to be either a one time thing or a yearly ritual, it totally depends on how I feel about it when I am finished. The one I will be sharing with you is about letting go.

I thought I would share with you the concept so you can try it out for yourself.

The ritual in my case will be about letting go of guilt. After a year it still rears it’s ugly head now and again surrounding my mother’s last few weeks of life. Now don’t get me wrong, I do believe that guilt is a normal part of the grieving process, it is just that I have been holding on to it for too long and it feels like it is time to let it go.

My Ritual For Releasing (please change it according to your needs):

  • The first part can take as little or as long as you need in order to get to your true feelings about how and what you are letting go of.
    • Find a large sheet of paper and a comfortable private place to write. The reason I say private is that you will want to be as honest and real about what you are writing as possible and you may not want anyone else to see this.
    • Make a conscious decision about what it is you want to release. In my case it is (unwarranted) feelings of guilt.
    • Write down everything that you want to be rid of in relation to the one thing you have decided to focus on. This process could be really short – you may only have a sentence or two, or it could take hours. Be prepared to allow yourself as much time as you need.
  • The second part is how you are going to use this writing.
    • When you feel like you are finished writing find matches and a safe, fireproof place to burn the writing in. I will use a big metal bowl and I will do the ritual outside so I don’t set off any fire alarms. 🙂
    • Decide on a short sentence that sums up what it is that you are releasing, make it real and strong. For example if you want to release
      • a need to be right you could choose “I accept other people’s opinions as valid, even if they are different from mine.”
      • anger over something wrong that was done to you could be “I am finished being angry and I am moving on.”
      • the trick is to make it yours so it will feel more real.
    • You may want the place you do this to be completely private OR you could share this experience with someone who will be supportive of you.
    • Before you do your ritual, a short meditation can help you feel more grounded. Probably a simple deep breathing meditation will do the trick. Here is a sample of one you could use http://totallymeditation.com/breathing-part-2/
    • When you feel you are ready –
      • Place the paper in the bowl, pot, fireplace or whatever you are using.
      • Repeat the words you have chosen to say, and before the next step, take a moment to let them soak into you and feel real.
      • With your full concentration on the task at hand light the paper on fire. As it burns allow yourself to feel whatever comes up. The emotions could be anything from elation to sadness.
      • As the paper burns repeat the words you have chosen.
      • As the embers cool down say out loud “I let this go.”
      • Dispose of the ashes in an appropriate manner when they have cooled down.
    • When you are finished make sure you take at least a moment to enjoy the relief of releasing the thoughts that have held you back. Enjoy your freedom.

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