Stress Relief – Mayo Clinic Article

In my search for some scientific / medical information about the benefits of meditation I came across an insightful 2 page article from the Mayo Clinic (United States). It outlines benefits of using meditation to relieve stress.

This article gives a brief overview of:
Benefits of meditation
A few of the better known types of meditation
Basic requirements for practice
As well as a few relatively easy ways to add meditation to your day

Mayo Clinic stress relief article

This is a rather basic overview, so I encourage you to look more deeply into any of the topics that interest you.

I would like to find out what most interests you my reader, so I encourage you to add your comments to this page. I am writing some basic meditations that I will publish on this site as well as sample audio files to guide you through the meditations.

My hopes and plans for this site is for it to be a reliable resource for people who are either relatively new to meditation, or would like to find out about other forms of meditation. I know first hand some of the benefits I have experienced (and believe me if I can find and learn meditation I think most people can!)

There are so many “flavours” of meditation I am sure you can find something that will work for you!

What kind of information would you like to see on this website?

What methods of meditation are you interested in learning about?

Are there any particular health problems you hope meditation can help you with?

(According to their website “Mayo Clinic is a not-for-profit medical practice dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of virtually every type of complex illness.”)

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