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Connie Thoreson, teacherMission

To teach meditation methods are simple and easy to understand.

To support people who want to learn to meditate in an open, safe and judgment free manner.

To be a trusted, reliable source of information, resources and products for people who are new to meditation.

To present information and resources in ways that are respectful to spiritual and non spiritual people alike.


We aim to reduce confusion by being objective about the information we present. There are  many ways to learn to meditate, as well as many different meditation styles, techniques and skills; we draw on a great variety of these in our teaching, and strive to ensure that each student finds at least one (often more) mediation style that works well for them.

We as teachers are open to learning and teaching new skills; we are always evolving, improving and fine tuning our methods of teaching.

We only sell products we fully believe in.

Common misconceptions about learning to meditate and our response to them 🙂

  • There is only one way to meditate.
    Although we can see benefit in choosing a single method with only one path to follow, this can lead to prejudice and discord among those different schools of thought and confusion for people who are seeking to learn meditation.
  • Meditation is not for me because …
    • I tried it and I couldn’t stay awake. 
      • If you can’t stay awake, perhaps change the time of day you do it, or make sure you meditate sitting straight up in a chair to help you stay awake long enough to reap the benefits of meditation 🙂
    • I tried it and I couldn’t sit still.
      • If you can’t sit still, perhaps try practicing a movement based meditation, there are plenty to choose from.
    • You have to believe in God.
      • Although many people find that a belief in a higher power makes their experience more powerful, many people who have no such faith fully enjoy and benefit from the experience.
    • It is a foreign concept that doesn’t fit here. 
      • Most cultures seem to have something that would come under what we call meditation. That includes us in North America 🙂

There are so many forms of meditation that it is highly probable you will find one (or more) that works for you!