Mindfulness Meditation

We’ve all been there. That day where you are constantly on the go, multi-tasking non-stop, so much so that by the end of the day we’ve missed out completely on the nuances of the day. If you are looking for a way to make more of a connection with the little moments in your day, mindfulness meditation is a great place to start.

The practice of purposely focusing your attention on the present moment, and accepting it without judgement, is at the core of mindfulness meditation. Being mindful is directly related to being happy. With roots in Buddhism, mindfulness has been shown to improve overall well being, mental health, and physical health, including improving sleep, reducing stress, and treating depression, anxiety, OCD, and eating disorders.

As with all meditation, mindfulness can be practiced in a number of different ways, as highlighted in the articles on our site. Here are a few of the methods we have covered so far:

  • Basic Mindfulness Meditation: Focuses on one thing like breathing or a mantra and allowing thoughts to come and go without judgement.
  • Sensory: Focuses on sights, sounds, smells, taste and touches, identifying them without judgement, and letting them go.
  • Emotions: Focuses on the allowing of emotions in the moment without judgement.
  • Movement Based: An ideal practice for when the body is overly energized, vigorous, or restless and needs to release physical tension and stimulate blood circulation.
  • Listening Without Judgement: Focuses on the allowing of negative or worrisome thoughts in the moment without judgement.
  • Being Fully Engaged: By approaching the practice of mindfulness with a focused and clear mind, you allow yourself to be completely engaged, and accepting, of the moment.

Whether you are looking to be mindful to help relieve stress or even to help treat the symptoms of ADHD, we have many useful articles for you.

Articles About Mindfulness Meditation:

Meditating Outside – The Benefits

The Benefits of Meditation Out of Doors It’s summer. It’s warm and sunny. The blue skies and great outdoors are calling. And if you’re like me, you’re probably listening and more than ready to head outside! Maybe you’re heading outside to go swimming or wakeboarding or maybe just to lounge on […]

woman meditating outside on the grass

messy father girl and boy playing

Stay Calm During Summer Vacation

It’s the school holidays and the children are impatient for the day ahead. The dog needs walking, the groceries need doing, your youngest is crying after an unsettled night, and your other little one is screaming for ice cream for breakfast. Just how do you stay calm during summer vacation […]

Loving Kindness Meditation – Be Kind to Yourself!

Loving Kindness for You! We all have flaws that we tend to beat ourselves up about. It could be our weight, hair, intellect, or even the car we drive. Being kind and compassionate to others often comes easy; however, doing the same for ourselves is often just outside of our […]

hands in heart shape show loving kindness

Today I am thankful for

Mindful Gratitude

Mindful Gratitude: Gratefulness has Benefits When is the last time you said “Thank you” and really, really meant it? A lot of times these two words stumble out of my mouth without a second thought. It’s as common as as “Hello” and “Good-bye”. We may say it a dozen times […]

Meditation and Childhood ADD / ADHD

Raising a child can be difficult enough but raising a child with special needs can be especially difficult. A child with ADD or ADHD will often not be able to sit still, have a short attention span, and be very restless. The symptoms of the disorder often affect their learning […]

Little boy meditation

Woman meditating in her office

Mindfulness Meditation in the Workplace

Mindfulness at Work We’ve all been there. Those days at work when nothing seems to go right and you’re stressed out, can’t concentrate, and have zero patience with your colleagues or superior. For the days that aren’t so great, mindfulness meditation can help to reduce stress, boost concentration, and promote […]

Meditating into Spring

There’s no escaping the signs of spring all around us. The damp darkness of the winter has given rise to the warmth of sunny skies and the wet dampness in the air has been replaced with the undeniable scents of early spring blooms. Crops are starting to grow and eggs […]



Mindfulness in Action – Elementary School Style

So what do actress Goldie Hawn, elementary students, and meditation have in common? A lot more than you would think probably! All three are at the heart of a study showing that students who practice mindfulness not only are less stressed but are also more caring individuals who excel at […]

Creating Peacefulness – Meditation & Attention Deficit Disorder

Sure, we’ve all had those days where we can’t focus, make rash decisions, and just can’t seem to sit still. But for the 3 – 5 percent of the population, both young and old, living with Attention Deficit Disorder (or ADD) these days are their norm. So where does meditation […]

Woman practicing self compassion

Compassion for Yourself

We are bombarded with social media messages and requests from family and friends asking us to be compassionate for others. What about compassion for yourself? Being compassionate towards yourself builds patience and resilience, which in turn makes it easier to have compassion for others! First some background Most of the Mindfulness Meditations […]

Meditation with children

We have covered some of the basics of meditation with children (mindfulness meditation for small children). Here are a few more points. Have Realistic Expectations With small children naturally occurring mindfulness moments can happen at the most wonderful AND the most inconvenient times. You may be in a hurry to get somewhere, […]

Young girl mindfully looking at a moth

Mindfulness meditation for small children

    Teaching children meditation is unbelievably beneficial. A child who is easily frustrated can be taught to calm themselves down; a child who is very sensitive can learn to let go of hurt feelings; or a child who gets so overtired they just can’t sleep can be taught techniques to help put themselves to sleep. Mindfulness meditation […]

Being Present – A simple walking exercise

There are times when life feels too busy to take the time for a sit down meditation. Although a full focus meditation seems to bring best results you can still benefit from being “mindful” of what you are doing. This exercise is about taking your mind away from thinking, planning and worrying for a […]

girl eating an orange

Did You Know Mindful Eating Can Promote Weight Loss?

It’s true, paying attention, I mean REALLY paying attention to your food as you eat has been shown to promote weight loss. First I will tell you how to try it yourself, then I will explain why this works. I suggest the first time you try this when you are […]

Art As Meditation

Long before I started meditating I would get lost in making art. I realize now that creating art has a similar effect on me as mindfulness meditation does and it might for you too. Making Art as a Meditation I used to pop a sketch pad, couple of pencils and […]