Tips for a Successful Meditation Practice

New Year, New Habit: Tips for a Successful Meditation Practice Now that the dust has settled after all the New Year’s celebrations, it’s a great time to think about trying something new on for size this year that will benefit both your mental and physical health, all year long. We’re […]

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Teaching Meditation to People with Asperger Syndrome sign

Meditation Classes for Those with Aspergers: A guide for teachers

Tailoring Your Meditation Classes for Those with Aspergers Syndrome: A Resource for Teachers Asperger’s Syndrome is traditionally regarded as a developmental issue and is classed as a ‘high functioning’ autism spectrum disorder. Some people, however, argue that Aspergers is not so much a disorder, but is in fact a different […]

Meditation and the Brain

The Washington Post recently ran an interesting article chronicling the study of one Sara Lazar, a neuroscientist at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. Her study looked at the effects of meditation on the brain. In conversations with the Washington Post, Lazar revealed that she had first started to […]

Pain Management & Meditation: The Perfect Scientific Equation

We’ve talked a lot about the relationship between meditation and pain and the valuable role that mindfulness plays in the equation.  However, we have yet to delve into the research behind the relationship between mediation and pain management. We thought we would take some time to look at some of […]

The Scientific Side of Meditation

There will always be skeptics out there who don’t believe that meditation actually has any health benefits. Luckily, there are now published scientific studies to back up its many emotional and physical health benefits. Some of these studies are summarized in Psychology Today’s article “20 Scientific Reasons to Start Meditating Today”. For […]

Types Of Meditation

Meditation is a HUGE topic and what I cover in this site is only a part of what meditation can encompass because I write for people who want simple, easy to learn mediations that they can incorporate into every day life. The following article gives you a glimpse into some […]

Meditation Benefits

You know that meditation helps you relax and improve your mood, but did you know that new research shows that it actually increases the size and functioning of our brains? From the article “Is meditation the push-up for the brain?” by Mark Wheeler in the UCLA Newsroom: Two years ago, researchers […]

Choosing A Meditation Teacher

There are so many types of meditation to choose from that it is pretty safe to say there is no ONE right way to meditate. It is a matter of choosing a type of meditation and a teacher that is right for you! In this post I talk about some […]


Meditation Words Phrases and Terminology: The definitions here are simple because they are meant as a quick explanation not an encyclopedia 🙂 I’ve included some definitions of meditation words phrases and terminology that you may come across on other sites that are not used on this site as they relate to topics I […]