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If you are new to meditation and are looking for simple practical instructions to get started, you are in the right place 🙂

  • Totally Meditation gives you uncomplicated step by step instructions to help you get started meditating.
  • My intention and  purpose is to provide you with do-able meditations, as well as provide useful information and resources.
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  • We will feature events, retreats and courses from other sources under “Events”.
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Read “Before You Sit Down To Meditate Checklist

Here are some tips for finding a meditation teacher, Choosing A Meditation Teacher.

I suggest you start with these articles Breathing Part 1, Breathing Part 2 and Breathing Part 3 because focusing on your breath is a practice that requires no previous knowledge or experience, and it has many benefits.

If you get stuck on a word I use, it will be in the Glossary. If you don’t find it there please leave a comment on the glossary page to let me know, and I will add the word.

The section called “Meditations” has a drop down menu that lists by category different types of meditations.

The “Blog/Home” page has all the articles and meditations that have been posted .

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