Breathing Part 2

I am keeping these sample meditations very simple so they will be quick to do and memorize.

Breathing meditation 1 – relaxation:

Level one takes only a couple of minutes and can be done almost any time any where

Sit up straight in a comfortable chair with your feet on the ground and your hands open in your lap.

Close your eyes and breath in and out as you would naturally for 4 rounds, paying attention to your breath – where in your body do you feel it?  What do you notice about your breathing?

Now breath in to the count of 4 and out to the count of 4.  Do this 4 times

This time as you breath in count slowly to 4 as you fully fill your belly with air. Slowly breath out to the count of 4. Repeat 4 times.

Next, breath in as deeply as you can comfortably, filling your belly first, then your lungs with air, hold it for 2 counts, then bring in just a little more air and hold for 2 counts before releasing it to 4 counts.

Level two – will likely take an additional 3-5 minutes and requires a quiet place
Go through the level one exercise then:

Settle in even more comfortably, breath in and out deeply, and for the next couple of minutes focus on the following –
As you breath in, feel you are inhaling a sense of calm alertness. Really pay attention to bringing in a sense of calm.
As you breath out, feel anxiety and tension melting away from you. As you breath out notice how your body becomes more relaxed and comfortable.

Breath in calmness
Breath out tension

There are countless variations on this breathing exercise and I encourage you to find the exact feelings and sensations you wish to focus on bringing into and expelling from your body.

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