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Imagine yourself sailing through each day filled with serenity and calm, regardless of how stressful things become.

Imagine going for health checkups and your doctor being impressed at how much your blood pressure has come down.

Imagine being able to think more clearly and feel less anxious. To be able to let go of the past more easily, not worry about the future and just ‘be’ – right here, right now, enjoying the moment.

All of these benefits can come from practicing meditation on a regular basis.

Meditation doesn’t belong to any one specific religion or belief system, nor is it necessary to be flexible enough to sit cross legged on a yoga mat. You may be surprised to know that it can be done sitting in a chair, or even lying in bed.

You don’t need to sit for hours on end, blocking out the world in order for it to be effective. You don’t need to have any particular religious view.

Learning how to meditate and put it into practise is surprisingly easy and the benefits that come from even a small amount of time spent meditating each day can be enormous. There are many types of meditation styles and techniques. You’re sure to find one here to suit your circumstances and lifestyle. Meditation Classes through Totally Meditation are simple and easy to understand, respectful and accepting of all religious, spiritual and personal beliefs.

If you’re new to meditation, I’d suggest you check out the great tips for beginners on the Start Here page. This site is designed to be a trusted, reliable source of information, resources and products for everyone starting out on their meditation journey. My wish for you is that you find at least one meditation style that works well for you. I invite you to come and explore!

If you’d like to find out a bit more about me, I was recently interviewed by Mark Metry for his podcast Humans 2.0. Listen to episode #32 on itunes here. Or you can watch on YouTube.

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Have you ever had a family or holiday celebration that made you feel lonely? I certainly remember a few of those.  Today I give you a meditation to take an edge off the loneliness. The focus is to get more in touch with your own energy and power. Before you […]

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Dealing With Pushy People

We all know someone who is too bossy. You know the one – they know exactly what you should do when you should do it and how you should do it. Sometimes they may even be right, but it is hard to agree with someone like that. How do you […]

Relieving muscle tension and anxiety video

This simple technique once learned can be used to reduce stress and muscle tension.  I sometimes use this as a natural sleep aid. As you follow this meditation it helps help you to relax muscles and  aids in relieving muscle tension. When you release physical tension it allows the mind […]

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Download this Relaxation Meditation – mp3 to Reduce Stress

Hello! I would like to introduce my first relaxation mp3 to you. The purpose of this free mp3 is to help you learn a simple and effective method for reducing physical tension, and at the same time reduce stress. I sometimes use a version of this progressive muscle relaxation technique […]

Back To School Shopping With Less Stress

In the rush to get your kids (or yourself for that matter) back to school, taking time to meditate often gets overlooked. Here are some quick and easy ways to keep your cool – Back to School Shopping with less stress! If you get claustrophobic in a crush of people, […]

Types Of Meditation

Meditation is a HUGE topic and what I cover in this site is only a part of what meditation can encompass because I write for people who want simple, easy to learn mediations that they can incorporate into every day life. The following article gives you a glimpse into some […]

Did You Know Mindful Eating Can Promote Weight Loss?

It’s true, paying attention, I mean REALLY paying attention to your food as you eat has been shown to promote weight loss. First I will tell you how to try it yourself, then I will explain why this works. I suggest the first time you try this when you are […]

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Meditation Benefits

You know that meditation helps you relax and improve your mood, but did you know that new research shows that it actually increases the size and functioning of our brains? From the article “Is meditation the push-up for the brain?” by Mark Wheeler in the UCLA Newsroom: Two years ago, researchers […]

Meditate With Your Child – Releasing Anger And Resentment

Sometimes telling your child to “run around the block” when they are angry works wonders, but wouldn’t it be great if your child learned another way to calm themselves down? Meditate with your child to help him/her to calm down after a stressful situation. It is  a self help tool […]

Grounding Meditation

This visualization meditation can help release tension and anxiety. It just requires the ability to focus and imagine. There are lots of variations of grounding meditations and practices. I will cover other versions in future posts because “grounding” is so beneficial it’s worth further exploration; also different versions appeal to […]

Exercise Your Meditation

Why not turn part of your exercise routine into a mediation practice? Think of it, multitasking that is HEALTHY and ENJOYABLE, stress releasing instead of stressful! When I was on the treadmill, stationary bike or rowing machine at the gym I would often daydream, a pleasant enough way to make the time […]

Tai_Chi_Young_and_Old photo by Peter Harrison

T’ai Chi As Meditation

I write about T’ai Chi as a meditation because the slow, gentle “forms” are like a moving meditation. You gain physical strength and balance through the series of concise rhythmic  movements, while at the same time you are focussing your full attention (mindful meditation) on each individual movement. With the […]

Choosing A Meditation Teacher

There are so many types of meditation to choose from that it is pretty safe to say there is no ONE right way to meditate. It is a matter of choosing a type of meditation and a teacher that is right for you! In this post I talk about some […]

Art As Meditation

Long before I started meditating I would get lost in making art. I realize now that creating art has a similar effect on me as mindfulness meditation does and it might for you too. Making Art as a Meditation I used to pop a sketch pad, couple of pencils and […]

Labyrinth Meditation

The difference between a maze and a labyrinth is that a maze has several paths and directions like a big puzzle, and a labyrinth is a single path that leads to the center. Large labyrinths can be very complex but if you look at them from the top down you […]