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Imagine yourself sailing through each day filled with serenity and calm, regardless of how stressful things become.

Imagine going for health checkups and your doctor being impressed at how much your blood pressure has come down.

Imagine being able to think more clearly and feel less anxious. To be able to let go of the past more easily, not worry about the future and just ‘be’ – right here, right now, enjoying the moment.

All of these benefits can come from practicing meditation on a regular basis.

Meditation doesn’t belong to any one specific religion or belief system, nor is it necessary to be flexible enough to sit cross legged on a yoga mat. You may be surprised to know that it can be done sitting in a chair, or even lying in bed.

You don’t need to sit for hours on end, blocking out the world in order for it to be effective. You don’t need to have any particular religious view.

Learning how to meditate and put it into practise is surprisingly easy and the benefits that come from even a small amount of time spent meditating each day can be enormous. There are many types of meditation styles and techniques. You’re sure to find one here to suit your circumstances and lifestyle. Meditation Classes through Totally Meditation are simple and easy to understand, respectful and accepting of all religious, spiritual and personal beliefs.

If you’re new to meditation, I’d suggest you check out the great tips for beginners on the Start Here page. This site is designed to be a trusted, reliable source of information, resources and products for everyone starting out on their meditation journey. My wish for you is that you find at least one meditation style that works well for you. I invite you to come and explore!

If you’d like to find out a bit more about me, I was recently interviewed by Mark Metry for his podcast Humans 2.0. Listen to episode #32 on itunes here. Or you can watch on YouTube.

Our Most Recent Blog Posts:

Meditation and Childhood ADD / ADHD

Raising a child can be difficult enough but raising a child with special needs can be especially difficult. A child with ADD or ADHD will often not be able to sit still, have a short attention span, and be very restless. The symptoms of the disorder often affect their learning […]

Little boy meditation

Woman meditating in her office

Mindfulness Meditation in the Workplace

Mindfulness at Work We’ve all been there. Those days at work when nothing seems to go right and you’re stressed out, can’t concentrate, and have zero patience with your colleagues or superior. For the days that aren’t so great, mindfulness meditation can help to reduce stress, boost concentration, and promote […]

Meditation and Adult ADD

As an adult life can get hectic between working full-time, taking care of kids, running errands and so on there is sometimes not much time left to relax. When that rare moment presents itself, it can be hard to transition into stillness. For adults living with ADD this transition can […]

Adult woman with ADHD trying to meditate

man with insomnia

Overcoming Common Meditation Problems

Tips for Overcoming Meditation Problems Meditation is like any practice. It comes easy to some but not to everyone. Just like you would need to practice a sport in order to master it, meditation also needs to be practiced and perfected before it becomes second nature. At Totally Meditation we […]

Meditating into Spring

There’s no escaping the signs of spring all around us. The damp darkness of the winter has given rise to the warmth of sunny skies and the wet dampness in the air has been replaced with the undeniable scents of early spring blooms. Crops are starting to grow and eggs […]


Bye Bye Sheep – An Intro to Sleep Meditation

We’ve all been there – tossing and turning late at night, trying to get some much needed rest but it’s nearly impossible. If you’ve counted sheet into the millions, had a glass of warm milk, or read a novel from front to back, and you’re STILL wide awake, chances are […]

Mindfulness in Action – Elementary School Style

So what do actress Goldie Hawn, elementary students, and meditation have in common? A lot more than you would think probably! All three are at the heart of a study showing that students who practice mindfulness not only are less stressed but are also more caring individuals who excel at […]


Creating Peacefulness – Meditation & Attention Deficit Disorder

Sure, we’ve all had those days where we can’t focus, make rash decisions, and just can’t seem to sit still. But for the 3 – 5 percent of the population, both young and old, living with Attention Deficit Disorder (or ADD) these days are their norm. So where does meditation […]

Meditations to Ring in the New Year

As we sign off on yet another year and begin anew in 2015, the words of American singer and songwriter Nina Simone come to mind:  “It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me.” As one year closes and another begins, it’s the perfect time […]


Prayer or Meditation – A Comparison

Prayer or Meditation – Are they one in the same or different? Simply put, they are both. For example, if you compare Buddhist Meditation with the prayers of Christianity, you can see the similarities and differences between the two. There will always be supporters of both practices who place one […]

The Scientific Side of Meditation

There will always be skeptics out there who don’t believe that meditation actually has any health benefits. Luckily, there are now published scientific studies to back up its many emotional and physical health benefits. Some of these studies are summarized in Psychology Today’s article “20 Scientific Reasons to Start Meditating Today”. For […]

An Introduction to Paths of Yoga

It seems that everywhere you turn these days there is either a yoga studio nearby, an advertisement for yoga on display, or someone talking about yoga. It’s no secret that yoga is a hot topic in today’s society. To seasoned yoga practioners however, it is so much more than just […]

Buddhist Meditation

We are reminded every day of the many things that are outside of our control. In the face of these events it can be difficult to cope, especially when faced with the reality that there is little, if anything, we can do to change these occurrences. To borrow a page […]

Buddhist meditation

Woman doing a quiet centering meditation

Centering calming and quieting your mind

Centering is the process of focusing inward, allowing your mind to become calm. Personally I can tell when I am centered because my mind becomes quiet and my anxiety level goes down. As my mind gets quiet I become more aware of my surroundings and my instincts become more active. That is MY experience, […]

Relaxation Sequence

This relaxation sequence is a preparation for longer meditations. By relaxing your body and your mind first it helps you to go into a deeper meditation more quickly and easily. The more you practice this relaxation sequence the easier it will be to remember. Soon you will find you can fall into a relaxed […]

relaxing meditation