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Imagine yourself sailing through each day filled with serenity and calm, regardless of how stressful things become.

Imagine going for health checkups and your doctor being impressed at how much your blood pressure has come down.

Imagine being able to think more clearly and feel less anxious. To be able to let go of the past more easily, not worry about the future and just ‘be’ – right here, right now, enjoying the moment.

All of these benefits can come from practicing meditation on a regular basis.

Meditation doesn’t belong to any one specific religion or belief system, nor is it necessary to be flexible enough to sit cross legged on a yoga mat. You may be surprised to know that it can be done sitting in a chair, or even lying in bed.

You don’t need to sit for hours on end, blocking out the world in order for it to be effective. You don’t need to have any particular religious view.

Learning how to meditate and put it into practise is surprisingly easy and the benefits that come from even a small amount of time spent meditating each day can be enormous. There are many types of meditation styles and techniques. You’re sure to find one here to suit your circumstances and lifestyle. Meditation Classes through Totally Meditation are simple and easy to understand, respectful and accepting of all religious, spiritual and personal beliefs.

If you’re new to meditation, I’d suggest you check out the great tips for beginners on the Start Here page. This site is designed to be a trusted, reliable source of information, resources and products for everyone starting out on their meditation journey. My wish for you is that you find at least one meditation style that works well for you. I invite you to come and explore!

If you’d like to find out a bit more about me, I was recently interviewed by Mark Metry for his podcast Humans 2.0. Listen to episode #32 on itunes here. Or you can watch on YouTube.

Our Most Recent Blog Posts:

Centering Meditation mp3 1st audio

This Centering Meditation mp3 (below) is from the first time I had a meditation session recorded (about 1.5 years ago). It involves a visualization technique. Wow, was I nervous! About half way through my voice finally starts to get calmer 🙂 This the 1st of 4 recordings from session, is a Centering Meditation.  It is […]

beautiful quiet place to meditate

Teaching Meditation to People with Asperger Syndrome sign

Meditation Classes for Those with Aspergers: A guide for teachers

Tailoring Your Meditation Classes for Those with Aspergers Syndrome: A Resource for Teachers Asperger’s Syndrome is traditionally regarded as a developmental issue and is classed as a ‘high functioning’ autism spectrum disorder. Some people, however, argue that Aspergers is not so much a disorder, but is in fact a different […]

Meditation Goes Digital

Gone are the days when you would head out for a run and only take your runners, water bottle, and towel. Now you may also put on your Apple Watch or Jawbone Up before hitting the trails. Apple what and Jawbone huh? Apple Watch and Jawbone Up are two examples […]

electronic gadgets for meditation

Meditation and Aspergers Syndrome

Meditation and Aspergers Syndrome: Modify Meditation to Suit Your Needs Meditation and mindfulness. They’re important in today’s hectic world where we never seem to get a minute to enjoy peace and quiet and give our minds a rest. More and more studies are exploring and outlining the benefits of a […]

Unplug at Christmas – Enjoy the People Around You

We’re all so plugged in these days. Everywhere you look someone is on a phone, on a tablet, or sitting in front of a computer screen. Technology has replaced face to face communication in almost every way imaginable. It’s even gone as far as replacing the quality time that we […]

Ugly Christmas sweater fun


Giving the Gift of Forgiveness

There are a number of steps that you can take on your journey to forgiveness. For example, you made need to: Decide what you are forgiving Are you forgiving just the resentment and anger that the other person’s actions have caused? Or are you also forgiving the action itself? The […]

Loving Kindness Meditation – Be Kind to Yourself!

Loving Kindness for You! We all have flaws that we tend to beat ourselves up about. It could be our weight, hair, intellect, or even the car we drive. Being kind and compassionate to others often comes easy; however, doing the same for ourselves is often just outside of our […]

hands in heart shape show loving kindness

Today I am thankful for

Mindful Gratitude

Mindful Gratitude: Gratefulness has Benefits When is the last time you said “Thank you” and really, really meant it? A lot of times these two words stumble out of my mouth without a second thought. It’s as common as as “Hello” and “Good-bye”. We may say it a dozen times […]

Danger of Suppressed Anger

Life is going to make us angry sometimes. There’s no avoiding it. How it manifests itself in our life can vary as can the way we deal with it. For some people going for a long run is the best way to work through it. For others, it’s crying over […]

man running to release anger

woman asleep

Sleep Meditation – Insomnia relief

Did you know that more than half of people over the age of 65 may have issues with sleep disturbance? Insomnia can be related to a variety of things such as decreased activity during the day, the loss of a life partner, or stress and discomfort from various medical conditions. […]

Meditation – The perfect antidote to impatience

This past weekend, my Saturday started off fairly uneventfully with a quick drive to run some errands. However, it quickly took not only a scary turn thanks to a near miss with a falling tree branch (thank goodness for new brakes!) but also became a day that tested my patience […]


Helpful Meditations for Family Caregivers

You’ve done the huge pile of laundry and ironing. You’ve made the bed and changed the linens for the second time today. You’ve done bath time, made dinner and run errands. It’s been a long day and you’re exhausted. Although this may sound like a typical day in the life […]

Meditation and Aging

If you’re a baby boomer in Canada, you’re a guest at a party with approximately 8.2 million people, according to the 2011 Canadian Census. That’s 3 out of 10 Canadians or 23 % of the population. That is a party you might want to prepare for! Being part of this […]

Senior Couple Meditating

Meditation and the Brain

The Washington Post recently ran an interesting article chronicling the study of one Sara Lazar, a neuroscientist at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. Her study looked at the effects of meditation on the brain. In conversations with the Washington Post, Lazar revealed that she had first started to […]

Pain Management & Meditation: The Perfect Scientific Equation

We’ve talked a lot about the relationship between meditation and pain and the valuable role that mindfulness plays in the equation.  However, we have yet to delve into the research behind the relationship between mediation and pain management. We thought we would take some time to look at some of […]