What is Meditation and Why is it Important?

Meditation is a state of peace. This occurs when your mind is quiet and calm, yet still very much aware. It can be practiced in a number of different ways and for a number of different purposes. It can help with relaxation, relationships, and sleep, for example.

It also elevates your levels of self-awareness and mindfulness. Meditation has been shown to have profound emotional and physical benefits, including improved immune function and decreased pain and inflammation at a cellular level. It can even improve self-control and the ability to regulate emotions. Productivity and memory improvements have also been noted as well as many other benefits. It can take years to master the techniques behind some of the more advanced meditations, but with others you may see results in minutes.

Here is a quick overview of the types of meditation covered by TotallyMeditation.com:

  • Breathing Meditations: Often the first stage of any meditation practice, breathing meditation stops the distractions that surround us and make the mind clearer and more lucid.
  • Stress Relief Meditation: Meditation can ease the effects of stress on your body and mind. Stress relief mediation works by activating the body’s natural relaxation response to bring it back into a balanced state of equilibrium with the mind.
  • Relaxation Meditation: Similar in many ways to Stress Relief Meditation, relaxation meditation is a great tool for releasing tension and anxiety in the muscles of the body. It allows the mind to become calmer and trains the unconscious mind to stop interpreting tension as a threat to the body (fight or flight response).
  • Mindfulness Meditation: Simply put mindfulness meditation means maintaining a moment to moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment without judgement. The focus is on the present rather than the past or the future.
  • Pain Relief Meditation: Whatever your ailment, pain relief meditation can help to lessen the severity of the pain by focusing one’s awareness on something else such as breathing through the pain rather than medicating for it. It teaches you how to work with intense and unwanted sensations without succumbing to them.
  • Meditation and Relationships: Through meditation we can gain a greater insight and awareness of our thoughts, feelings and habits and can begin to improve them. When it comes to our relationships, meditation can improve our mood, empathy and acceptance of others. All are key elements for healthy and happy relationships.
  • Movement Based Meditation: As the name suggests, this type of meditation is carried out while on the move. Walking meditation is a common form of this practice. It is the practice of being aware of the act and experience of moving right down to the feeling of the ground and the smell of the air.
  • Meditation and ADD or ADHD: Meditation is the ideal self-care tool for those suffering with ADHD as it creates a moment of peacefulness amongst a constant sea of non-stop going. Studies have shown it is beneficial in improving self-control and attention, reducing impulsiveness, bettering decision making, and increasing levels of serotonin.
  • Seniors Aging and Meditation: As we age it becomes even more important to find ways to reduce pain and anxiety that do NOT require more medication. Meditation is a skill that once learned can (with practice) help us reduce our reliance on pain and anxiety medication. Fewer drugs means fewer of the side effects those medications can bring.
  • Sleep Meditation: There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to sleep. Not only can poor sleep make you really cranky, it can also lead to issues with concentration, depression, anxiety, and more. Sleep meditations can be exercised through deep breathing, muscle relaxation meditations, or guided visualizations, among others.
  • Meditation Podcasts: When you are looking for a meditation on the go, auditory instructions, or interviews about meditation we have helpful, easy to follow podcasts of various lengths.
  • Meditation Videos: If you are more of a visual learner or simply want to have the basics demonstrated in an easy to follow format, our meditation videos will come in very handy.

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Woman doing a quiet centering meditation

Centering calming and quieting your mind

Centering is the process of focusing inward, allowing your mind to become calm. Personally I can tell when I am centered because my mind becomes quiet and my anxiety level goes down. As my mind gets quiet I become more aware of my surroundings and my instincts become more active. That is MY experience, […]

Relaxation Sequence

This relaxation sequence is a preparation for longer meditations. By relaxing your body and your mind first it helps you to go into a deeper meditation more quickly and easily. The more you practice this relaxation sequence the easier it will be to remember. Soon you will find you can fall into a relaxed […]

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Compassion for Yourself

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Meditation with children

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Young girl mindfully looking at a moth

Mindfulness meditation for small children

    Teaching children meditation is unbelievably beneficial. A child who is easily frustrated can be taught to calm themselves down; a child who is very sensitive can learn to let go of hurt feelings; or a child who gets so overtired they just can’t sleep can be taught techniques to help put themselves to sleep. Mindfulness meditation […]

Reduce pain by changing how you think

Mindfulness exercises to reduce pain There are several techniques you can teach yourself to lessen pain. Below are two I find useful and I invite you to add your suggestions in the comments below if you have found other ways that work for you. This blog is about building up a supply of […]

Change your focus to reduce pain through meditation

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Meditation for pain management

Meditation is a helpful tool for pain management. Two of the ways it can help relieve pain are when it is used as a natural muscle relaxant and when it is used to change your perception of pain. Today I will focus on muscle relaxation as a way to lessen pain and […]

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Being Present – A simple walking exercise

There are times when life feels too busy to take the time for a sit down meditation. Although a full focus meditation seems to bring best results you can still benefit from being “mindful” of what you are doing. This exercise is about taking your mind away from thinking, planning and worrying for a […]

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Burning paper ritual

Ritual for release

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