Relieving muscle tension and anxiety video

This simple technique once learned can be used to reduce stress and muscle tension.  I sometimes use this as a natural sleep aid.

As you follow this meditation it helps help you to relax muscles and  aids in relieving muscle tension.

When you release physical tension it allows the mind to become calmer as anxiety fades away. This is because the unconscious mind interprets tense muscles as being on guard against perceived threats so when physical tension fades anxiety is also likely to fade.

That fight or flight response was great in caveman days when you needed to avoid man-eating dinos, not so great now when the “threats” are likely to be deadlines and too much to do in too little time!

There is a huge amount of research showing the nasty effects of chronic stress, and here are just a few of them.

  • high blood pressure
  • heart problems associated with high blood pressure
  • increased perception of pain – and let’s face it if you think you are in great pain you are!
  • headaches
  • relationship difficulties

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To your health 🙂

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