Relationship Meditation

One definition of relationship is “the way in which two or more people, groups, countries, etc., talk to, behave toward, and deal with each other “ We encounter these connections constantly in our lives; from our mailman or bus driver to the people we work with, and more importantly, our friends and family.

These relationships can be positive one day and negative the next. Meditation can help us to have more of the good days when it comes to relationships, elevating the level of connection we feel with those around us. Meditation helps reduce stress and that in turn makes it easier to listen objectively to the people we are in relationship with.

Meditation can increase our awareness of, and compassion for others as we tune into the emotions of others rather than becoming overwhelmed or threatened by them.

Our site explores many ways meditation can help in relationships. For example, by meditating alongside others in a group setting (at a church or school) we are able to form new relationships with others. We can also improve relationships by what we call boundary meditation where you choose to release the anger and frustration imposed on you by another person rather than react impulsively to it.

Meditation can also help you be more assertive in relationships by giving you the calm confidence to stand up for what you believe in when confronted by a stressful situation. It can even help you find peace and acceptance in a relationship that is broken or gone (i.e. with a loved one who is estranged from you or who has passed away).

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